Papers and speakers selected

Thanks to everyone who submitted proposals and suggestions for papers at this year's RoundUp Conference! All the submissions have been reviewed, speakers selected, and the schedule finalized. Check out the Abstracts section for all the details of these great sessions.

Speaker's list

scottabel.jpg Scott Abel is a content management strategist whose strength lies in helping organizations improve the way they author, maintain, and deliver their information assets. He’s also the manager of the largest social network for content professionals, The Content Wrangler Community and the program manager for both the Documentation and Training and Web Content conferences. Scott’s blog,, is a popular resource for professional communicators who value content as a business asset, worthy of being managed.

ben.jpg Ben Allums is the Director of Engineering at Ben's experience in the field of E-Publishing stretches back 14 years to 1994, when he toiled to create the definitive single-source publishing tool for FrameMaker, WebWorks Publisher. His experience was bolstered by his stint at IBM's Tivoli Systems where he came to understand the needs and requirements of Enterprise customers. Returning to, Ben extended the boundaries of online delivery and information workflow through his work on WebWorks Help and's Edit/Review product. His experience and knowledge culminated in 2005 with the delivery of the first Enterprise ready online publishing system, WebWorks ePublisher. Today, Ben continues to push E-Publishing's limits through his leadership of the ePublisher Platform. DITA support, Wiki publishing, and a focused commitment on delivering scalable solutions for businesses, regardless of size, are the hallmarks of his tenure at

berrybraster.jpg Berry Braster is the Director of Tedopres’ North American operations, which is based in Austin, Texas. Tedopres provides translation and technical documentation services to the industry, and is headquartered in the Netherlands. Berry, fluent in 4 languages, holds a BA in International Marketing Management from the University of Amsterdam and has a background in international business and marketing. Before joining Tedopres, Berry was the Marketing Director for an organization specialized in quality assurance and regulatory affairs in Washington, DC. He has been with Tedopres for 6 years, during which he has been involved with the implementation of controlled language with companies in various industries.

StephThumbnail.jpg Stephanie Bryant is a technical writer and book author with 12 years experience. Her most recent book was Videoblogging for Dummies, which came out in July, 2006. She lives in a motorhome and travels around the U.S. full-time... without a filing cabinet.

bissantz_photo.JPG Debra Bissantz is a technical writer with the Engenio Storage Group of LSI Corporation. Debra has more than seven years experience as a technical writer focusing on online help development. She has been very active in the move towards DITA-based writing and population of the content management system at LSI. She is currently serving as the CMS administrator for the ESG technical pubs department. She is also a member of the DITA-Adoption Technical Committee.

Harvey.jpg Harvey R. Greenberg is XML Evangelist for XyEnterprise, where his role spans implementation, product development, product marketing, sales, and education. He joined XyEnterprise in 2000 as part of the Contenta CMS launch team and, since then, has done over a dozen implementations using XML, FrameMaker, Word, and other technologies in both Government/Defense and private sector organizations. Mr. Greenberg came to XyEnterprise from Standard & Poor’s DRI, where he was manager of the award winning U.S. Industry and Trade Outlook project with McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing and the U.S. Department of Commerce. While at S&P, he also reengineered the in-house desktop publishing system, developing techniques for automating production from Word authoring to complex pagination in FrameMaker. During a 22 year career in the U.S. Air Force, he had assignments in missile operations, operations research, acquisition, and business process reengineering.

Jolene.JPG Jo’lene Jernberg has been in the technical communications field for over 20 years. She has been a technical writer, editor and now manager of a group of technical writers for LSI Corporation. She has been active in the development of a strategy for moving LSI to a structured authoring environment using DITA. She serves on the LSI Logic structured authoring steering team.

lauren.jpg Lauren has a background in psychology and training, and received her Master's in Workforce Training and Development at the University of Southern Mississippi. She has been working in the realm of support since 2005, and also has done training wtih HTML and web design. As the main support at Quadralay, she has been declared "Support Goddess". Even her business card says it. When she is not reigning supreme in the world of, Lauren likes hello kitty, industrial music, and go-go dancing!

tony-lake.png Tony is the Founder and CEO of Quadralay Corporation and worked for 12 years in the actual development of WebWorks Publisher, which was first released in 1994. Since 2004 I have been working with writing teams around the country, seeing first hand the challenges they face in capturing and delivering knowledge. With the launch of the ePublisher Platform, as part of the WebWorks team, I have been focused on enabling the publishing process to deliver the next generation experience to end-users, writers, and information architects of all types of organizations. Prior to Quadralay, I studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, and obtained MS in Engineering.

MegMiranda.jpg Meg Miranda is currently an Information Developer working in the HP Software group. Since being acquired by HP, Meg lead her team successfully from unstructured FrameMaker content, into XML, and back out again. Meg has over 15 years experience in the Technical Publications field. Prior to HP she managed the Technical Publications and Curriculum Development team at OuterBay Technologies. While at OuterBay, she developed an object-oriented text reuse scheme using FrameMaker that allowed the team to reuse source content to generate online help systems and curriculum content. The simple and effective system helped OuterBay get funding, made template conversions a breeze, helped OEM partners re-brand the text for their purposes, and was easy enough for two people to manage producing 54 manuals per release. She specializes in building templates and online help systems for Java, Eclipse, and Web-based applications. As a small business owner herself, she always has her eye on the total cost of any solution.

paulmueller.png Paul is President of UserAid, which designs and implements innovative communication solutions that deliver information when and where users need it. Paul received a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Mathematics from Pennsylvania State University and has been involved in technical communication for more than 20 years. Paul has managed information development, usability, and graphic design teams across the United States, Bolivia, and India. Paul often presents conference sessions about embedded help, management topics, and technology implementations.

Lesley_prefered.png Lesley is the tools maven in LSI's crusade to replace its old, stale infrastructure with a breath of fresh, XML-scented goodness. She brings an almost fanatical devotion to structured authoring despite having no interest in actually authoring anything, preferring to leave that to her colleagues who are good at that sort of thing. Lesley decompresses from long tools and authoring discussions by practicing yoga, tai chi, and tending to her roses in the warm California sunshine.

ajphead_n.jpg VP of Operations for WebWorks, Alan has 20 plus years in Corporate Publishing in the UK and USA. He has been involved in the development and adoption of various publishing standards and has been a regular speaker at industry conferences. He has held senior management positions at various publishing software and services companies, allied with extensive consulting experience. He is a published author with a couple of books and several magazine articles to his name.

Andrew VanConas is a key member of the team. His primary focus is helping corporations meet their content distribution goals, including the integration of legacy content into streamlined processes, and multi-channel delivery of content. With more than 18 years of experience in writing and online help system delivery, Andrew is a recognized expert in ePublishing techniques, tools, and best practices. Andrew has been with for over eight years, he lives in Ventura, CA with his wife, and 2 daughters.

jw-roundup-photo.jpg Jesse Wiles is a Software Developer at Quadralay Corporation. He joined Quadralay in 2002. Jesse's been involved with content conversion for 9 years. Frankly, he's a geek who also enjoys watching professional football, wrestling with his kids, and dreaming up ways to marry the ePublisher platform to the iPhone.

MikeWethington.jpg Mike is a Technical Communications Manager and Certified Scrum Practitioner with over 18 years experience as a professional writer, and 10 years experience managing organizations ranging from 3 to 25 individuals. He has been involved in Agile software development for almost five years. Currently, he manages a small writing group at Troux Technologies. Mike also runs the daily Scrum of Scrums and develop performance metrics for the entire Engineering organization.