Keynotes and General Sessions

MONDAY (10/19/09)

Welcome Keynote

Customer Case Study


Operations Keynote

Customer Case Study


Top 3 in 2010

Boot Camp Showcase

WebWorks RoundTable


What is a Panel?

Instead of a standard presentation followed by a Q&A session as done at most conferences, this year at RoundUp we will be following the panel model used at the highly popular SXSW Interactive Conference.

Each panel session will consist of at least three people, a table and a microphone.

Each panel will have a moderator (usually the member of the WebWorks team who is on the panel) who will lead the discussion by asking a series of questions. The aim is for the questions to facilitate an on-going discussion between the panelists, and hopefully members of the audience, on the topic.


Why Use A Wiki?

Taking Documentation Online

Automating the Publishing Process

Customer Conversations


The Impact of Web 2.0

Keeping ePublisher up to Date

Content Development Best Practices

DITA Publishing

WebWorks Boot Camp


ePublisher: Under The Covers

Wiki Publishing


Automation and DITA

ePublisher and Web 2.0 - Producing Interactive Documentation

What attendees said about previous events...

Guest speakers very good, same level as WWP speakers. Keep it up!